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Nordic Traction Group

Hirvikoskentie 128

FI-32200 Loimaa



+358 207 927 500


Tellefsdal Kjetting

Tellefsdal Kjetting has 80 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of non-skid chains for all purposes.


Tellefsdal Kjetting, owned by Accent Equity Partners AB, became January 1st 2013 a separate legal entity with the name Nordic Traction AS. In the market we will still promote us under the trade mark Tellefsdal kjetting. A name that represents tradition and quality, and a name that commits. Our customers should be confident that they are getting the best quality chains - based on experience and knowledge built up over many years.


From traditional to be a production-oriented company, we have in recent years changed its strategy and now appears as a market oriented and innovative company with the customer in focus. We were the first light chain "NorTractor» forest and chain "U-Grip", and in 2009 we launched our patented "Quatro T70" and later the sequel Quatro T90.


This year's price list / catalog is also characterized by more news. We are re-launching our ATV chain, but new this year is that we replace the traditional round stud with bestselling square stud for optimum grip and stopping power. Furthermore, we have followed the need to take into chains of smaller tractors in our database. Last but not least, we have developed light chain "NorTractor." All chain production takes place in "Traction Systems' factory in Loimaa in Finland. In this factory has OFA produced their quality chains for over 110 years.

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